What We're About 

New Beginnings Counseling Center is an inviting and engaging community which offers a wide range of counseling and rehabilitation services.  To give you a better perspective of the kind of environment we aim to create, our mission statement is: "Where life's challenges, emotional pain, sorrow, and loss can evolve into triumph and personal success."

In 2012, Michelle Jones, one of our counselors, decided to turn her dream of helping her community into reality. Starting up a small business in the heart of Northwest Missouri came with its own set of challenges, but she, along with her friends, family, coworkers, and the northwest Missouri community, have strived to make New Beginnings into a different, unique counseling experience. Through our multi faceted programs, clients have the opportunity to take on whatever challenges they may be facing alongside her, or any one of our experienced counselors.

What We Do 


Whether you are aiming to complete a program through our facility, participating in general mental health counseling, or working through specific issues troubling your life, New Beginnings has a course of action to help guide you, should you accept the responsibility to make positive changes within your life. 


Therapy of any kind is never anything to be or feel ashamed of. Everyone has struggles and needs a listening ear at some point in their lives, and we are here to offer our ear and help in any way that we are able.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program


This program is offered to anyone ages 12 and up, with two separate group schedules offered for juveniles and adults. Our program is individualized and designed to meet everyone's specific needs. We offer group education and therapy, individual counsleling, and family counseling and involvement.  The length of the program is set depending on each person's needs, and is decided on between the counselor and client. Our Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program is certified through the Department of Behavioral Health in the State of Missouri. 


*We are DOT and CLIA certified for drug urinalysis*

Batterer's Intervention Program


Our Batterer's Intervention Program is a 26 week program upon completion of assessment with your counselor which involves weekly meetings, group education, and therapy. 

This program is certified through the Department of Corrections through the State of Missouri. 

Individualized Classes/Sessions 


Along with our certified programs, we offer a variety of classes and different kinds of therapy in order to provide the best comprehensive care and those classes include:


  • Marriage/Couples Counseling

  • Anger Management Classes (can be individual or group setting)

  • Dual Diagnosis therapy

  • Trauma Therapy



General Mental Health Counseling 


Perhaps one of the most versatile and important types of therapy that we offer is mental health counseling for ages 4 and up. At this time we take the majority of all forms of insurance including Medicaid. Anyone can make appointments for all of our programs, and especially for general therapy.  Never be too ashamed to ask for help with your well being, and remember that when Life says to give up, Hope always whispers, give it one more try.

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